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Is This Possible

Can this Happen  

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Right lets pressume we get Johnson aka johno sorry.

and ohhhh he taken to germany because Walcott hasnt player and defoe is a greedy Wanker. and ohhhhhhhh he scored 4 great goals for england including one where he embarrsed Nesta and Cannavaro............. and then scuffed it past G G Buffon


You reckon we could then lose him to a meelan or Internazionale or other Euro Giant (NOT NEWCASTLE)?


my opinion yes, but SHUTTUP CRAIG stop tempting fate.


Nah i'm kidding, thats the next WC



Only at Everton :lol:

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I dont think its possible, he wont go to the world cup and if he does he'll only get played out of position  <_<


Would be good if he did get in the WC squad (through an injury to Crotch). A couple of goals in an England shirt might start the season ticket ball rolling again (and actually make me interested in watching Beckhams Boy's)

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Guest fozzie22
what makes me laugh about the whole italian fiasco, they fixed the matches and it was still the shitest football you could ever watch, seria A is the worst league in the world

Its not shit..ermm the most "techincal" league in the world

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