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Johnson Signed

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Great little profile of our new £8.6M striker on the above link.



2005/06: 14 in 28 games

2004/05: 22 in 40 games

2003/04: 32 in 49 games

2002/03: 14 in 34 games


Now he is only 25 years old and has regular goal scoring record that is 1 in 2. OK A lot pf those goals are in the Championship, but in his one season in the Prem his ratio was still 1 in 2. His ratio is as good as most top strikers in the Prem over a 4-5 year period. Don't forget he hit his total in 04/05 in a team that was relegated. OK a fair few from the penalty spot, but hey they all count and that goes for your Henry's and Van Nistelroys.


He is bringing one thing our forward line has been missing for the last couple of year - PACE.


I think Beattie and Johnson will be a very productive forward line for us. Beattie plays better with a partner, and with the pace Johnson provides, and Beatties strength at holding the ball up it will mean Premiership defences will for the first time in a number of years have to torid time against our first choice front line.


We have seen how hard Beattie works up front, but a huge part of Johnsons game is hard work. Neither are slacks and both have proved over the last couple of year that they can score goals. I predict that there are going to be some busy and tired defences next season.


Johnson's big money arrival is also going to take a lot of pressure of Beattie. I would say Beattie is now not expected to be our top scorer next season - I have got a feeling that this will loosen Beattie up a bit in front of the oppositions goal. With know other top proven striker in our ranks put a lot of pressure on him last season.


We have a bit of healthy competition for next seasons top scorer - who is your money going to be one?


Everton putting their money were there mouth is also going to have a knock on effect I feel. How does does the big money purchase look to other targeted players? It shows a little ambition -


Some of us may feel we paid over the odds for the player, but an extra couple of million spent may just help turn the heads of some of our other targets this summer. Everton mean business so to say.


For example if Huth had seen Johnson go to Wigan ahead of Everton, because we wouldn't pay the going rate for a player - would we be fav's ahead of Wigan for is signiture, maybe not.


I am truly exited by Johnsons arrival as his attributies up front will truly give our forward play another dimension next season.


If VDM stays and is injury free our attacking play could be the best we have seen at Goodison for many a moon. Already looking forward to August now.

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They will most prob end up showing Alan Stubbs knowing Everton



those of us who are actually Everton supporters and have a grip on reality, can see the difference snce moyes took over as manager.


with aj and bt upfront, huth at the back, howard in goal, we could be in for the best season for a long time.

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So you saying that I am not an Everton supporter cos I had a joke and said they would show Stubbs.


1 Huth has not signed yet.


2 He still has Stubbs and looks like Weir will be staying and ferrari has gone. If Huth does not sign then the back 4 is no better and if Yobo goes it will be even worse.


Fair play to DM he brought in a striker that everyone knew that we needed for the last 18 months.


Yes it looks like DM is starting to get things right in the transfer market but still has a long way to go.


So to say I don't have a grip of reality is just plain wrong

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