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I think it was right to let Roeder mamage Newcastle, but letting Southgate manage Boro is wrong. Roeder had managed in the Premiership before but Southgate hasnt. Boro should be fined for going against the rules, they havnt even asked for permission

:lol: southgates a right tit. when asked on ssn how far he was along in his coaching badges ect ect this tit totally avoided anwsering the question :lol: hope they get points deducted for breaking rules or bk tells em no dice as so should other club chairmen. it makes a mochery of the rules 4 fu*k sake <_<

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Yeah they are trying to look after their own, its like a union, they dont want to give a job to a non union member, its all a load of bollox.

If the Board of Directors at the club think he is good enough to do the job, thats their Choice.

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Why should he need a badge to coach?? he has played the game for the last 15 years or so. Most prob more qualifed than some of the people in charge of clubs.


However whats the point in having rules if going to break them. With allowing Glen to take over at the Skunks I knew there would be problems in the future

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