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Good Luck Aj


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Another palace fan here, imagine a lot have joined now, Johnson is a huge hero of mine, i am so sad he has left, but am glad for him he chose Everton. Choosing Bolton or Wigan would have been a huge msitake, and you have made some brilliant signings in Howard and Aj, huth maybe to follow.


Aj is a very hard-working, loyal, dedicated, proffesional, determined, goalscorer and im dreading going to Selhurst next season and not hearing Aj name on the team sheet. Im sure Aj can fire you into a champions league place this year, and along with beatie and the service from midfield, he will bag 30+ goals with his eyes closed.


I wish Aj and Everton the best of luck next season, and i will be watching closely and hoping you do well, and hopefully we will play you in 2 years time and can meet aj again.


best of luck aj i love you to bits


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Gd luck to CPFC.


I think they have great fans in the likes of you who understand their hero's ambition and will not moan against his desire to move back to a premiership club.


I personally like AJ becasue he is such a loyal servant to his clubs ----- he sinks with CP, he even did not over-celebrate when he scored against the Brum who deal him out. I can understand why there are so many CP fans wish AJ gd luck here.


Sincerely hope that CP would make the promotion next year. Just let AJ come back and play in from of U again when we visit U!! :)

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