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Guest blueboy122

cant remember wa paper this was from but totnahams davenport has been told he can leave and they r wiling to listen to offers.is he any good age,postion and the rest lads u do the research lol

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Jelena Dokic is a Serb who has represented two countries Australia and Serbia and Montenegro, i think. Didnt she beat Hingis 6-1 6-0 as a 16 year old in 98 or 99? Sexy little player.


Her problems with her dad was well documented in the media, he was banned from courtside for being too indecent and abusive, i think. she lost all confidence and rarely wins games now. I liked her very much. :(

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You are right xavier, are you a tennis fan.





Name: Jelena Dokic


I remember when Dokic broke into the WTA as a 16 year old sprite in 2001. Just a wee thing. Of course, everyone knew who she was, but it wasn't because of anything she did. Simply put, she had a psycho for a father, who often times tried to come onto the court during her matches. His antics had gotten so bad that everyone (including his own family, and her, who is profusely apologetic for his behavior) got pissed off at him, and he was eventually banned from all WTA tennis events. Not surprisingly, her play quickly improved thereafter, but that's not the important part. The important part is, as a 16 year old, she was still growing, and in the span of a year all of a sudden her breasts just ballooned out to three times their size! What fun. It was entrancing to watch her cope on the court with the changes her new body had blessed her, but I think she's got it under control now. She's one of my favourites



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No comparison between Lindsey Davenport and.....................






















:P 6 ft....2 inches of super fit female, not bad looking either. ;)

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