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Lampard Or Gerrard

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We dont need holding players, the back 4 are probs the best back 4 in the comp and are well able to look after themselve.

And the midfield 4 are also, go out and play a fast tempo 4-4-2 and the opposition will shit themselves.

We have more world class players in this team, than they did in 66. they just have to believe in themselves and go for it.

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Stick with the 4-4-2, and play to our strengths, like Licker said we have the best back four in the comp, let's not f*ck about with something that works.


Our mid-field is made to score goals, our back four plus Robinson in goal fills me with confidence.





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Technically, you have to play one midfielder in a defensive role in a 442 because if both attack, a lot of space gets presented to the opposition. So, at all times, one player would have to sit back (not necessarily in front of the back 4) because the opposition gets more space to work with


Why Sven uses Gerrard in that defensive role is simple, Gerrard has the better engine and he is the better tackler. IMO Gerrard does what Lampard can do and more, its no secret that thsoe two playing together doesnt work against the big sides.




Neville----------------A Cole







. Neville-----Terry---Carra---A Cole



. ----------------Crouch





-------------back four------

Beckham---Gerrard---Carrick---J Cole



are better formations IMO

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if Gerrard and Lampard rotate/take turns to go forward and sit back i think they can work really well. to be honest there both pretty lethal if they sit back and shoot at any lose balls.


and as said, we have the best back 4 in the tounament, and one of the best midfields to make goals, im still lookin forward to the WC

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