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David Thompson

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He is being released by Wigan and wants to secure a "dream" move to Everton. I don't actualy know if hes any good but he hasnt started many games for Wigan or has he? I don't no. He is a scouser so must support Everton. Dunno much about him but i'd have him as a backup player.



If he did go to Everton Moyes should swipe him and Jason Roberts, why not?


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Guest blueboy122

no i dnt agree he can be a great lil player wen he wants to be.he is better than ozzie so y not have him.bt i do lik ozzie jus dnt think he is that good nice lad though

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He is on a free transfer, so would cost bugger all transfer wise.


Was a hot prospect a few years ago, but has had a few injury problems.


When he is fit he is a very handy player, but thats the problem he isn't fit very often.


Wouldn't be bad on a free, after all he made Lehman look a right tosser on the last day of the season, and he is a blue so that must go in his favour (altho that doesn't count for big eared g0bshites named Francis) B)

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