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Abdoulaye Meite

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Abdoulaye MEITE

Marseille Defender

Height: 1.85m. Weight: 82.00kg. Nationality: Ivory Coast

Born: 06/10/1980 in Paris

First professional match: Bordeaux - Marseille : 3-0 on 26/01/2001



Year : 2006

Games : 13

Starting Line-up : 12

Substitutions : 1

Goals : 0

Penalties : 0

Yellow Cards : 2

Red Cards : 1

Minutes Played : 1061




Abdoulaye MEITE Career History

Club Championship European Competitions Caps

98-99 Red Star 93 1 Goals, 4 Games (-)

99-00 Red Star 93 (-)

00-01 Marseille 1 Games (-)

01-02 Marseille 10 Games (-)

02-03 Marseille 28 Games (-)

03-04 Marseille 30 Games 8 + 9 Games (Champions League + UEFA Cup)

04-05 Marseille 1 Goals, 34 Games (-)

05-06 Marseille 13 Games 5 Games (UEFA Cup)




Does this mean that the Lescott deal has fell through or that Yobo is on his way. ???


PRESENTLY in Germany for the world cup. only played 13 games this season.???

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I saw that this morning and if its true can only mean one of the two things that you said before.


Can't beleive that we will buy another centre back if Lescott is signing and Yobo is staying.


Doesn't look good if true

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Guest blueboy122

well moyes is un sure about his knee damage cus he has a faluty knee for a long time bt it looked to hav cleared up bt he is still unsure wether to sign him 4 this amount (around 5.5m) belive the board and davey are tryin to get the price slightly reduced and make it based on appearences so we dnt loose a huge sum of money if the promblem reoccurs

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said on sky sports news 2day Everton have asked wolves to delay the transfer of lescott as they are deciding on wheter to make the transfer


yeah its got summat to do with his knee, it was re-constructed 2 years ago and DM wants re-assuring that in 2 years it won't go again as were offering him a 5 year deal, sounds like a Forsell deal again!! :huh:

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According to the sun tday Everton are expected to complete the signing of Lescott after agreeing a new deal with changing how we pay Wolves.


Doesn't say when he will sign though as he is meant to have been off on holiday.

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