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Lescott ? ?


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Guest blueboy122

well moyes is un sure about his knee damage cus he has a faluty knee for a long time bt it looked to hav cleared up bt he is still unsure wether to sign him 4 this amount (around 5.5m) belive the board and davey are tryin to get the price slightly reduced and make it based on appearences so we dnt loose a huge sum of money if the promblem reoccurs.but otherwise he will be ours.is there any1else we cud have thats english does any1 no??




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Well it seems that there if a problem, im hearing a lot about his 2 dogey knees and that Everton are trying to bring the price of him down and wolves wont! But Sky Skports News has said that He has passed a medical, but Evertonfc.com havn't said anything? Soo... we are all in the dark!

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