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Prison Break


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Yeh dont mind this one, were obv a lil behind downunder just had the 2 hrs special that went back before Linc's troubles.


The episode that exposed the cute lil governors daughter & doctor as being a Junkie..wow...


Goty me mifferd as to how they will stretch a 2nd season & hope it doesnt spoil it.

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:lol::lol: I thought it was a game show!!! Illegal alien Albanian pimp (apologies for the racial stereotype) against "Mad Axeman" Malloy...see who can get the furthest from Dartmoor in fort-eight hours...extra parole and a speedboat for the winner :D
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I've been watching it all, but suprise suprise, the first series (notice i didnt say season there) ends on a clifhanger and there will be a second series


Ch 5 pissed me off by putting double bills of the last 4 episodes so I had to mis some


Why do they have to drag everything out nower days.


Its good though

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