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Waiting For The Scan Results...

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I think that if he passes it won't hurt giving him a new contract as can help as a goalkeeper coach as well and can use him as back up if needed.


Would have thought that if he does stay Wright will be going although surprised that he has not already gone.

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Yep big nige is one of those players who has deserved a new contract, like people were saying Fergie deserved a contract for last season after his spell as super sub during 04/05. In this case Nige has never failed us never made a mistake that I can remember and should be at least our backup sorry Turner but yr only young specially for a goal keeper.

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Yeah but they have always been big prospects Kirkland was playing 1st team football for Coventry before he went to Liverpool whereas Turner seems like a good young keeper but unproven cept at Chester and a couple of other games. If Howard gets an injury for a few months I would feel safe knowing big Nige is coming in between the sticks.

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