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Will Green Move To Everton?

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News today that David Moyes, manager at Everton, will make an announcement regarding Nigel Martyn and the results of an ankle scan may fuel the flames of rumour that Robert Green is heading towards the Premiership.


There have been murmurings of potential moves for the Norwich stopper being put on the back burner since straining his groin in the England friendly against Belarus recently.


Then, despite the instigator admitting that his suggestion that Nigel Worthington was after Bradford City's Donovan Ricketts was nothing but a hoax, the Norwich Manager admitted that he would be looking for an experienced keeper on loan, re-opening the scuttlebut!


All of this, of course, is just causing further doubts to Paul Gallacher, who has still to sign the contract he was offered after filling in for Robert Green, who didn't make the line up for the last four games of the last campaign.


So where does David Moyes and Nigel Martyn fit into all of this? There have been suggestions that Everton have been interested in Robert Green for some while. This would present Moyes with an ideal opportunity to make a substantially reduced offer for the England number three in order to secure the longer term prospects at Goodison Park.



will this be a good signing if we got him on the cheap

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Guest fozzie22
if we can off load teflon we'd only have 2 inexperienced keepers and a loaner? whats wrong with lettin one go an bringin one in?

cant see the tef going there dont forget he was from ipswich ifrst and they hang him from thier pitchforks first..

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