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England V Paraguay

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OK so what's the result gonna be? Think we should take it quite comfortably..maybe 3-1. Can I also say that in deference to the world cup I am thinking about getting an England flag to fly from one side of my car (with the Everton one on the other side). Also I have decided to show my support for the nation by wearing my 2004/5 white Everton shirt...that's as far as I'm willing to go with no blues in the team!! :D

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well 1-0 i reckon beckham should get the goal.


gerrard was useless. imo everytime he went for goal he blasted it into the stands.


sven is a moron taking off owen making crouch the lone striker. the amount of times he was heading the ball down to paraguayans. why not bring on wallcott or even rooney.


we need a miracle to win this world cup i reckon

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That was a fucking disgrace. What the fuck is Sven doing? Taking Owen off because we werent holding the ball up, we did even worse at that when he went off because Crouch had no one to head the ball to. More often than often Crouch was playing midfield so there was no out ball for the defenders or GK. Taking Joe Cole off for Hargreaves was a fucking bad move, i just cant understand his tactical thinking at all.


If England are second faves for this cup then Paraguay should be the faves <_<


Could you ever see Brazil playing like that when theyve took the lead and got the opponents on the ropes? No. They would go for the kill.

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Should have got at least three...we've got all those good players so we back off and let Paraguay play. Brainless...completely the wrong mental attitude and if we do it against anyone half decent we'll get beat.


But three points is three points, should now get safely through the group. With a bit of luck Sven might have a nasty accident by then (nothing too serious...just comatose for four weeks would do) and we may just stand a chance :P .

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I agree that the three points is the most important thing, but its not what you expect to see from one of the best teams in the world. We would more likely accept that sort of performance from Everton and get three points because we know we havnt got the best team, but FFS theyve got the best players this country has to offer. Not many countries have the sort of midfield England have but they were non-existent apart from Joe Cole.

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I think We'll play alot better against T+T, not tryin to use excuses but hopefully it wont be as hot. with all respect to them itll give Gerrard and Lampard oppertunity to puch forward. although he played quite well maybe take crouch off, put carick in the holdin midfield and really let them two push up?

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they did well a 0-0 draw, if results go are way and we win are next game then we have qualified


Also heres some news about the Paraguay GK:



Paraguay goalkeeper Justo Villar is likely to miss his side's next two World Cup Group B games against Sweden and Trinidad & Tobago through injury.


Villar was forced to leave the pitch after only eight minutes of Paraguay's 1-0 defeat to England on Saturday after tearing a muscle in his right leg while kicking the ball away.


Paraguay coach Anibal Ruiz said after the game: "Villar has suffered a muscular tear in his upper leg and he will need at least two weeks to recover.


"This will probably keep him from playing the rest of the tournament."

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It was coming, the fuckwit media build it up and up getting people to belive we are going to win the Cup, its our year, strength throughout the team. First game gone and we looked shite for 45 minutes, very disjointed. We were the worse side for most of the second half against a team ranked 33 in the world below Iran and Senegal. If we do that after the group stages we're back on the plane home. On the plus Lampard and Cole looked superb going forward but without owen, Crouch cant hold the line. Why the fuck Sven has brought a teenager he wont play is beyond me.


So if we win our next match we are through no matter what, but Germany is one team I don't want to see in the next round so a point off sweeden is a minimum.

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It was like Arsenal, 1-0 up and cruising against Sunderland, have a dodgy start to the second half so they take off Henry, put an untried (virtually) midfielder on in his place, switch to 4-5-1 and drop back to protect their lead. Complete bollocks.

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what i couldnt believe is we brought downing on (????) who is at out and out winger then we continued to play it through the centre to crouch who was isolated on his own, we needed to get the ball wide to get some crosses in.


like I have said before, im not the biggest fan in the england set up and im certainly not gettin my hopes up

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Joe Cole is ready to be England's fifth striker by playing off Michael Owen or Peter Crouch if he is asked to again by Sven-Goran Eriksson.


Cole was switched from his left midfield position to support lone frontman Crouch when Owen was substituted during the second half of England's 1-0 win over Paraguay in the sweltering Frankfurt heat.


Eriksson's critics cited the use of 24-year-old Cole as a makeshift striker as proof that the Swede blundered by going to Germany with only four specialist strikers, especially as Owen and Wayne Rooney are struggling for match fitness.


But the Chelsea midfielder has no qualms about tackling the role again during the tournament.


"It was obviously a tactical thing against Paraguay," Cole said.


"We needed some to get hold of the ball and make a few passes.


"I'm not surprised the boss asked me. He knows I can do it. It gives us another


option and I'm happy to have that responsibility."


Cole is confident he can handle the role regardless of whether it is 6ft 7in target man Crouch or the speedy Owen he has to play off.


"You've got to adjust. Both have got different qualities. With Peter you have to make runs off him and be a bit more mobile.


"With Michael can afford to drop off and play him in becasue he makes magnificent runs. If you are an intelligent player you can play with either of them."


England have been criticised for fading badly in the second half against Paraguay but Cole maintained the searing heat had taken its toll.


"The conditions were as tough as we've played in. It was as hot as it was in Japan (2002 World Cup) and Portugal (Euro 2004).


"It was very draining, especially in the second half. It took a lot out of the lads.


"In the first half we were excellent. We applied pressure high up the pitch and won a lot of second balls and we felt we deserved a two-goal lead at half-time. In the second half we had to dig in.


"We would have liked to be more comfortable and scored a second goal but we're in a tough group it's a great way to start the tournament."


Cole admitted Saturday's game was the most high-profile he had been involved in.


He said: "I've played in some games but yesterday was the one where you feel the pressure the most. For the last three months you have not been able to turn on the telly and not hear about the World Cup.


"It goes into your head and registers, all the expectations.


"It was a high pressure game and I'm glad we've won it.


"(There was) jubilation at first and then the lads wanted to get out there and play Trinidad straight away."


The 23-year-old insisted the team would not be taking Trinidad and Tobago lightly after their 0-0 draw with Sweden.


England can guarantee qualification for the next round if they beat the Caribbean team on Thursday but Cole is adamant victory is by no means a formality.


"Trinidad showed yesterday what they are capable of because that was not an easy game against Sweden and especially with them being down to 10 men.


"They looked a very strong, physical team and we just want to go there and get the job done


"We are a very professional team and we should go there and do it."





WTF why is he trying to make all these midfield players to play striker, he should have brought another striker to world cup, and not theo walcott

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This is what pisses me off about England. Player for player we are a match for most teams in the world cup. But for some reason we lack the confidence to keep posession when teams start pushing our defensive line back. The game against Portugal in Euro 2004 was an embarassment and I can't see much difference tto our link up play now when we're under pressure.

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