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I'm Sick


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:blink: err that was a bit out of the blue :huh:


i dont buy newspapers, there full of shite anyway and its all old news if you think about it, rather watch the news :)


and for sport i would come on the best forum on the net...




only messin lads :P:D

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The thing that annoyed me on a Sunday when I was a paper boy was when you had to deliver the Times or one of the massive papers and when you get to the house they have the smallest letterbox going and the onky way to get it in there is to take the paper apart and put it in in installments

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agreed ^^^^ done me m8s old round nd he had 2 deliever the times i fink to sum house with what must be the smallest letterbox you cud buy, it wouldnt even fit wen u take it apart! so i used 2 bang on the door at 8 o'clock in the morning to wake the ppl up so they cud have der paper :P

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