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Rezzies Back To Halton


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Guest fozzie22
Widnes is full of hotties too so should make for an interesting post match pint  :D

this peice of information makes no difference to me as i'm a happily married man and my wife is looking at me typing this message

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:lol: i agree stevo im at collage in widnes and the only birds there are from liverpool or runcorn..i avnt seen a nice widnes girl...yet :D


its shocking the amount of young girls round there that have kids in widnes :o


i suppose i could go to a rezzy match, and report back...only for the good of TT like :D

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Stevo said............mines? what are they? must have been before my time licker!




:D:D:D Yeah, i did say a few years ago, also worked in Clock Face Colliery, which is Reg Reagans territory.



My dad always told me..........."No need to go down the mines lad, theres plenty of slack in your trousers". :)

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I'm so glad people didn't agree with Reggies comment about widnes birds, started reading it and wondered if theres another place called widnes with fit girls there. Me mate went out with a girl from widnes, to say she was rough around the edges in an understatement.

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