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Value For Money

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who dya think out of the 8 players we signed were value for money.


i think its gotta be arteta. as he is fast. can play across the midfield. both footed and can cross the ball really well. superb at free kicks and corners.


he should be in the spain team as i think he is vastly underated. and for 2million thats gotta be the best bargain since cahill.




but ive got the feeling that VDM will also be a good bargain this year

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arteta's played the last few games on the wing.


Ferrari looks excellent, Valente has taken a while to settle into English football but I thin he will be a good signing and either way he's a resonable player at the least who if he doesn't prove himself is good cover.


with 3 new defenders we should have ourselves a strong defence. yet to prove itself but hopefully we can start keeping a few cleansheets now.


VDM I think is very promising, hopefully we'll see a lot of good stuff from him this season.


Arteta, class player, I'd say he's of the class of player that Man Ure, Arsenal etc buy and the more he plays the more he'll prove himself. He seems to have a good attitude and works hard. while he's small and can fall easily he's not scared to get involved, making challenges and fighting for everything a bit like Cahill. A bit clumsy challenge wise but it is good to see him going for it!

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To be honest I think all the signings made this summer are going to be value for money, as non are broke the bank so to say.


In order of value for money in my opinion -


- VDM at £1.5M looks as if could be the deal of the season if his first hour in the Prem is anything to go by (especially when you consider how long he has been out injured).

- Arteta looks as if he is a real deal quality Premiership player and a very good price payed - a lot of Spaniard flatter to deceive.

- Neville - will be Captain by the end of the season me thinks

- Ferrari - has looked decent all over the back line, Italian international defender

- Davies - Has had a slow start, but I think if he can keep injury free will be a class act, good strong player with lots of heart

- Valente - Slow start, but was still in pre season when asked to step in to the team at very short notice, looks very good going forward and is playing better with every game, injury just at the wrong time for him

- Kroldroup - at the bottom because we haven't seen him yet - but comes with a good reputation, so am expecting him to strike up a great partnership with Yobo over the next couple of years.


- Ruddy - One for the future


Considering many players still didn't find Goodison Park and attractive place or didn't we wouldn't pay silly wages - (i give you Parker, Emre and maybe a striker or two)


All in all I think Moyes has done well in the transfer market, no Charlie big potatoes on stupid wages, all hungary head down hard working players from what I can see and in the main good ages to take the club forward over the next 2-3 years.


Even if 6 out of 8 turn out well, that is still a fair return, given money paid

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Add that lot up and with BT still comes to over 20 mill,so for us,we have broke the bank... :)


I think that we have got good players for the money - and for the wages that we are paying.


I think if you compare us to Charlton - then no, are signings aren't so good (at the moment)


If you compare us to Newcastle - then yes, are signings are good (per pound) - they are paying the likes of Parker what he demanded and have just announced a £9m downturn in revenue.


I think that we have a few good players and VDM is a bargain at £3m?

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dithering didnt nearly lose us arteta, pushing the deal down saved us about £5k a week, now thats a lot of cash to me, and good business.

what an inspired move puttin him on the right!


personally the best signing is neville, was gutted reading the headlines (manc friends reassuring me he wont let us down) has showed why he has more medals than the rest of our squad put together.


still hopefull of BT as ive made known on here many times.


also hopefull yobo will stop the mistakes and become a great player (he is a DM signing)


VDM could become a superb signing if we can keep him fit

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