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England V Sweden

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------------- Robinson


-----Ferdinand---Terry----A. Cole








Beckham just playin in a kind of floating right back like the other night. definatly bring Walcott and Rooney on at some point depending on how its goin. and Carrick for either Gerrard or Lampard depending again on how there doin, nost probably Lamps.

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This is where it gets a bit Dodgy, fortunately Germany play before us, so it all depends on if we want to finish 1st or 2nd in our group to avoid Germany.

So If they finish top of their Group, we may have to play our strongest team to ensure we win our group, to avoid meeting them too early in the Competition.


This is where a few dodgy looking results turn up.

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^^^From the start? Theres no point risking him in this game.



Yes from the start, if hes not match fit for when we play the bigger teams then we may aswell not have brought him because it'll be like having an average player rather than a world class player when hes fit

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I`d play "once a blue" for at least half the game becuase he needs match fitness. If he doesn`t play at least a full half of the next game he won`t be match fit in the next round, and not really much use. Same applies for Owen.

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451 imo








or if no one will risk rooney play owen, they both need the games to get fit

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