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Fifa Member In Ticket Scandal

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A senior FIFA member has been sent home from the World Cup in disgrace after admitting selling England tickets for three times their face value.


The scandal broke after Ismail Bhamjee, a member of FIFA's executive committee, was caught out in a sting by a British Sunday newspaper.


He has been ordered by FIFA to resign from all World Cup-related duties and leave Germany as soon as possible.


FIFA president Sepp Blatter said: "I am very disappointed about the conduct of a member of the FIFA executive committee. In such a situation, FIFA acts immediately and firmly."


Bhamjee, from Botswana in southern Africa, confirmed in a written statement he has sold the tickets for England v Trinidad for triple their face value.


He may now be kicked off the executive committee altogether as he was due to be replaced in January any way after losing the support of African countries.


Bhamjee is understood to have voted for Morocco ahead of Botswana's neighbours South Africa as the hosts of the 2010 World Cup, and also mounted an unsuccessful campaign to replace Issa Hayatou as president of the African confederation.


A long-standing member of FIFA's executive committee, he started out running a hardware store in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, before becoming a leading light in the country's football association. From there, he was voted on to FIFA.


Bhamjee signed a declaration today saying: "I, Ismail Bhamjee, member of the FIFA executive committee, hereby confirm the fact that I have sold on 12 category one tickets of the 2006 FIFA World Cup match England v Trinidad & Tobago, played on 15 June in Nuremberg, for 300 euro (£230) each, ie 200 euro (£153) above face value for each ticket.


"I deeply regret this incorrect act and apologise to FIFA for violating the relevant terms and conditions governing the sale of tickets for the 2006 FIFA World Cup."


FIFA called meeting of their emergency committee after being presented with evidence by the Mail on Sunday.


The organisation said in a statement: "As an immediate reaction to this behaviour, FIFA's emergency committee under the chairmanship of president Joseph S. Blatter decided that Mr Bhamjee had to immediately resign from all FIFA World Cup-related duties and leave Germany at the earliest possible moment."


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