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Congratulations In Order?!


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Despite being passed over for cyber ubergruppenfuhrer stewardship I think (unless there are two Jon's in the BBTB kingdom) that congratulations are in order to our glorious leader...



Another Evertonian Joins The Family

Written by A Proud Dad - Jon Bauer

Monday, 19 June 2006

The Evertonian Family that we all belong too has increased by one after the birth of my daughter. Ava Cate Bauer was born on Saturday evening at 19:26 weighting in at 8lbs 6ozs, hence the lack of news that has been published on the site over the last couple of days. Born To Be Blue will be adding a children’s section to the BTBB Gallery shortly, so that all proud Evertonians and parents like me can show off their children too. If you have any pictures that you would to feature in our New Gallery please email admin@borntobeblue.co.uk . I have to dash now as I am off to purchase Ava her first Everton Kit.


....good on you and Mrs Zcars...and I'll have to dig out the first Josh in kit piccies!

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Im so happy my best friend gave birth last night at 10.03pm to a baby boy shes called Paddy (no not patrick, paddy). His full name will be Paddy Anthony Egerton. His Dad isn't into football so I have full parental permission to make him a blue. Ive been asked to be his godmother cant wait to see him tonight Im gonna be the best godmother ever!!!!

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