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Yes, I am bored but I have just watched the epic and all important match between Togo and Switzerland two giants of world football. Anyway Chucklevision is on right now and I am wondering if anyone in the world ever actually liked this programme. It was on when I was still a kid and I want to know who watches it cos it must be in it's 50th season or something. Plus I think the title is misleading I have never even sniggered. If Paul or Barry actually read this forum sorry but your brand of comedy just doesn't do it for me. Having said that I have always said Little Britain is complete tosh so maybe everyone else in the country can see something in Chucklevision that I can't.

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I think it would prepare kids for the real world otherwise they could grow up assuming badgers eat potato and like Chucklevision is educational in one way I suppose it teaches kids that just because your surname is chuckle it doesnt mean you are funny.

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A question that you ask but don't seriously expect anyone to be able to give you the answet to. Like why are we here? Admittedly "why does badger eat potato?" isn't on quite the same level but it's something that bugs me none the less

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Of course it f*cking does, a displacement of particles caused by a tree falling will create energy that energy manifests itself as a wavelength, that wavelength is the "noise". QED.







Get a f*cking life man, or you will be unsatisfied come bobo's



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