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wow just tried it and got the following:



Error Code : 404


The page you are trying to reach may have expired, or been moved. If you have followed a link from your bookmarks, please relocate the page and remember to update your bookmarks.


What to do:


Return to the evertonfc.com homepage


View the evertonfc.com sitemap


Search evertonfc.com



Teething bugs I suspect


Not the best start, first impressions I don't like it


The news section (which I guess most people will be interested in) now takes up a tiny proportion of the page so we can have loads of ads for EvertonTV Everton Mobile Everton Auction etc. It's like they have just attempted to put in as many ads as poss as Zed predicted. No pop ups so far but am using firefox so maybe I just cant see them.

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I like the new site, just wish there wasn't so many advertisements all the time but they need some source of income I suppose. 


Not had a proper look but is the ToffeeTV an expansion of the previous match highlights system they had before?




Yeah, its all going to be linked to the new season ticket cards and the points system will help pay towards highlights. Theres also going to be new ways of fans abroad paying for commentary which will be linked to reward schemes

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You have to be a season ticket holder or be registered with EvertonTV to use the Blue Room, but how can you link the season ticket to it so you can use it?



No season ticket holders will recieve discounts or loyalty points to go towards merchandise the same goes for members of evertonia so the more you use the interactive features the more loyalty points you recieve. This wont be established until the start of the season and the blue room should be separate registration

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