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The 'fish is currently designing food servery counters and kitchen fabrication equipment but i'm trained in the design of high containment pharmaceutical equipment used to protect the guys in white coats who manufacture medicines from highly potent raw ingridients.


Changed job about 9 months ago now because i fookin hated my old boss he was a first class blert with cherries on top. :angry:

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Well I'm a student unfortunately, hate to say but yeah I'm a tax dodger.


Currently doing a degree in Sports Journalism after doing a 2 year HND Journalism course.


Such a waste of my time tbh, can't wait to be doing some work and earning the cash, this degree course is basically going over the same stuff in the HND course but more slowly so it takes 3 years to do instead of 2. Also throw in some useless modules such as Sports Psychology, History of the Media and flaming 6 months work placement where fortunately not made a cupf of tea yet but take today. Came in at 9 and done nothing, absolutley nothing all day. Another complete waste of time. :rolleyes:


Wanna join Pat in oz land tbh lazying about eating steaks and drinking, in England they call it being an electrician :P

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;) sorry I were not here before when question was asked only joined yesterday :P



no problem mate, dont let it put you of makin threads!!







But if you do it again your banned :)




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