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Rooney To Real Madrid

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Cant see Rooney being sold.

Ferguson was the one who took the risk on him by buying him for 20+ million. Why would he want to sell him now, now that he knows that the deal is paying off. Rooney is always going to get better, so there's little use selling him off.

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i dont think £20m was ever going to be a risk with Rooney, you could see the lads talent since he was a kid. id love him to go to Madrid, he'd scare the poncy defenders over there, and he wouldnt have to play against us!


but get real, if they make a bid of £50m united will not turn that down, regardless of fergie

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Im surprised they've not been linked with that Podolski - he's a big name in Germany now. I wouldn't be surprised to see him at Spurs a few seasons down the line.



Podolski has just signed for Bayern for somit like 8 Million

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Still not bad hope he goes to Real Madrid :)


:D please let it be true, as i will never forgive this lad 4 turning his back on my club, :angry::D more money 4 the pot is always handy 4 moysie :P

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Lets be honest Fergy not sell his main man, Ronaldo would be sold before him.



gotta agree with that but i am hopeing rooney does go, does anyone think he will return before he retires? would you have him bk when he is in his thirties? i would as long as he could still score goals but as long as he doesn't luk like ivan campo (fat curly hair bastard) :P

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Any transfer free would be fantastic for our club.


Everton were the foundations of Rooney. We brought him through the ranks, brought him up, staged him, then he screwed us over. To make matters worse, he did it on the last day of the transfer market before the season opened, leaving our club high and VERY dry.


Without opening old wounds, if Manchester United do sell him on, I hope Ferguson hold's out (as he usually does) for the highest bid possible, flog him on IMO, then both Man U, and more importantly us, get something back from him. We should get something back for our efforts and trust we put in him!



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