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Friendly Enemy Forums....


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Not quite what Ten has been going on about, but its a start! Once we have a list going, I will (with Louis and Mikes help) start the ball rolling on "affiliated" websites, contacting the other admins and seeing if we can organize something.

It will help with the "Talking to the enemy" section and finding decent, sensible, thoughtful opposition forums.


So, I will start off:



very friendly and decent bunch over there, Bill can vouch for these guys too.



used them last year and will be going back to them again soon. Sensible and welcoming



again, very friendly and decent bunch.

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http://www.safc-fans.com Sunderland fans forum who also do the chat with opposing fans, the threads called "The Other Side". a good bunch.

I'm registered on here http://www.readytogo.net/smb/index.php from when I did a previous TWTE. It's a bit on the big side though compared to us so I'll have a look at that one Bill before I decide who to go to for the Boxing Day game.

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I will go along with Paul1300 on the spurs101 thing. They have been really decent to me over the years. It is a little slow there just now but even when it was busy they treated me with respect, or even a lack of it with humour. Never once have they belittled Everton, at least to me. Great people and well worth a chat to. DK and GO! are the Admin there. Hell, for a time they even had me as a Mod, although we discussed it at length and a Toffee as a Mod on a Spurs site didn't look right. Anyway they are a really good bunch there.

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http://www.brfcs.co.uk - i believe rebecula (hope i spelt that right) is already a member smile.png. we're a friendly bunch, just depressed !


Indeed CN174 I am a member of your friendly (and pretty decent) site. Although in all honesty I have not logged in there for a while.


You all seem to be similar maniacs to us in here, and I have a lot of time for you guys at brfcs.co.uk. Hopefully I can stop by soon and throw some pizza around LOL

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I'm obviously somewhat biased as a moderator, but Reading's 'Royals Rendezvous' has made its reputation by being a real friendly forum - formed in late 2010, the initial core group of 50 were BBC 606ers (without the 'wums'!) and are now nearly ten times that.

The home page is http://www.royalsrendezvous.co.uk

But look out especially for the section "Rivals, but Friends" - it's dedicated to fans of ALL clubs, and such is our willingness to chat/banter even non-signed up visitors can post there, or even start topics (as many have done). We've got a big management team of over a dozen, each with varying specialities, so away fans are very well cared for (well, only not for those on obvious deliberate wind-ups, but that doesn't really happen TBH).

Cheers guys,

daib0 (David)

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Morning All, Hammers fan in Peace


We Have a family friendly forum that always welcomes fans from other sites, We Strictly monitor posts with No swearing whatever allowed for any reason and you would be welcome to visit.

We are not deluded or derogatory and we can laugh at ourselves (which we have done a lot this season) and we take football discussion seriously at times.

I post as Hammerman69 on our site, there are plenty of funny people on there and the banter is great.


Please feel free to pop by you will find us at http://www.whu606.com/discussions


All the Best Lads



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