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Some Evil Cunts About


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I hate cats with a passion, i have threw things at cats when they have sh!t in my back garden cos there f*ckin filthy c*nts and I dont want my niece playing in the garden and gettin blinded as a result of a cat excretion on the floor.


However I would not set a dog to ravage one, thats out of order. My dog chases them (the cats are usually bigger than him) but I could not see any animal being tortured

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im also a dog person, i hate cats coz when i was aba 2 was attacked by 1, had to have stiches in me face, but yet i would still never set my dog onto a cat that is just not right, you must be sick in the head to do something like that

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The Children's Act 1989, provided children with the rights and protection afforded to "vulnerable people".


In the course of my work, I have seen the effects of serial abuse of all three kinds, kids are the future and should be treated as such.






















Mind you some of the little f*ckers need a good slap. :o





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what is it with such scum.


they are not happy unless they are damaging, destroying, bullying or threatening.


its a pity that the saying 'live by the sword, die by the sword' does not always come true...


Shame on that creature



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