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Things You Dont See Anymore


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1) White dog poo - Dog food has changed and so has the poo


2) Tyres around lamp-posts - Kids don't know how to play anymore, unless Playstation come out with "Hoop the Lamp- Post X-treme 2"


3) Less telephone wires with the advent of cable comms


4) Go-Karts - See 2)


5) Coz they've all got real ones now


Just a few ideas.





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proper defenders i love watching the older days when you didn't have to play the ball as long as you played the man


dib dad's (sweets)


Marathon's (choclate bar and yes i know the are snickers)


that hovis advert kid on bike on hill


Tommy Cooper (yes i know he's dead but i think it should be compulsary that he should still be on at least once a week)

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It's where I get all my trainers from.









near were i live i dont see a peaceful place, something bad is always happenen, just last night the MIL discount (bottom of me road) was broke into, so i dont see peace and quiet :angry:

also you dont see glass bottles of coke :)

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