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today my cpu has been running 100% all the time and i've tried shutting the computer down and all sorts and it wouldn't go away, then all of a sudden its fine


Does anyone know what thats all about, ive tried searching for viruses and spyware, but nothing


Anyone know what I can try :angry:

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Is your Power supply consistent? Do you have any/many hidden/active/tool bar etc programmes working in the back ground?


Ide suss that 1st & then run some sort of PC health diagnostic test that will give a detailed inventory on performance & health status etc.


You could perhaps try PC Pitstop..they will do 4 you ( Have found them good) or for free expert opinion & personal 1-1 advice sign up to protonic.com very good group of free IT tech's.


This help mob;s also have mesage boards FaQ's etc & protonic u can leave a message & a techinician willt ake on your case & deal direct wif you.


Just a few ideas mate...alll the Best.

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maybe its due to all that porn you have been downloading!! :P



A CPU will hit 100% if...


It i performing a resourceful task that causes a bottle neck between your CPU and Memory. (such as photo editing or SPYWARE).

Viruses rarely attack the master boot record these days - its not worth it, can't ask for money if the computer is fcuked can they!?


The other possible cause is overheating or irregular power input.


It could be the case that your CPU fan is not working properly. CPU gets too hot, performance is sh1t. Take the side off your PC and check the fan is spinning.


Otherwise, if you have a firewall and antivirus that starts 'on boot' with a wireless internet connection - you may find this is what is causing the extra CPU usage.


The wireless (or even constant broadband connection if using a router rather than a direct modem) connection is permanently on, firing data to the computer as soon as it can accept it. When this is the case, the Firewall tries to arm itself as quickly as possible - this can cause the CPU to be pushed to its limits!!!


Email is also a good one for doing this - as is MSN when it is configured to open upon starting windows...

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