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Welcome To Egypt !


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Was in egypt about 7 years ago went over from Ayai Nappa for the day was a lovely place went the pyramids, phinx (sorry about the spelling) some museam was a lovely place alot of beggers etc but a place i would recommend visiting

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looks fantastic, ive always wanted to go there but kinda went off it with the bombings next door but after seeing those pics i think as soon as im 18 i will give eygpt a visit




you are welcome , and about the bombings you will find it in any place in the world , usa , uk , any country


but i think now the security is better than the past



and if you will come , we have honor mate ;)


thank you to visit this page

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trust me guys itl be an experience youll never forget. i for one would do absolutly anything to go back there. maybe go to places where i havent been to like alex and abu simbel temple.




that is nice from u mr thebluenose


and really im happy to heare this words from u


and we love england people so much :)

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