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New Away Kit


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I think it's a bit premature to assume it's the shirt just 'cos the ladies team is wearing it. The club make a big thing out of the release of them so I think it's strange if they've allowed it to slip out like this. Also...


"The away kit has gone back to a more traditional colour of a white shirt, with blue shorts and socks after the grey away kit of last season was met with a less than positive response."


Since when has white been our traditional away colour...yellow/orange surely!!

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I don't beleive the one on NSNO is genuine.


In JJB sports (rock retail park, birkenhead) they have a sign with Everton - Official Retailer. There is a picture of what I believe to be the away kit. It has a blue chang beer sign on and it looks a lot nicer. I've looked on the website and cant find a picture of it.

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Mostly the colour Mark, yellow and blue trim for me, always has been always will be.


Never been a big fan of the sponsors logo either.




Agree on the colour Mac...that's a Coventry away shirt at best, can't imagine wearing an Everton shirt with powder blue trim :unsure: !

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The salmon pink one was awful...


Sad though it is, I collect the EFC shirts, and have done from a very very early age, however I never bought that one...


Not because it was just pink, it was horrible!


I really like the new homeshirt, first training shirt with the Chang logo on the back and the new away shirt...time to start saving again!



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I really liked last seasons, i really like the new one. To be honest i havnt not liked a home shirt!


There has been a few suspect away/3rd shirts but on the whole the Everton kits are usually smart and i usually get them all


(the new training range looks smart as well)

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