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Seamus Coleman


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Rudd was wearing an Ireland shirt with his name and number 2 on the back and Seamus's dad grabbed him and said, "Only one person wears that shirt in Killybegs, my son." in threatening way, then starts laughing.

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Guest blueboy122

Brilliant news.


Few new faces in the squad and I have a huge positive feeling about our future with Roberto at the helm.


Good time to be a blue.

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On over £60,000 a week? Sounds a bit high to me.


"A contract that now sees him rake him (sic) more a week than his initial £60,000 transfer fee from Sligo Rovers five years ago."

If we want to keep these guys, we have to pay them the top end of the market rate.


Only so long as it doesn't bankrupt us!!

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It isn't saying that, it says it sees him raking in more money, than when we gave him his first contract, after we purchased him for £60k. Implying he'll be getting more than when he first signed.


No implication of his actual new weekly wage.

Sorry, but I believe the others are right, here.

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If that's the case, that's ridiculous. He must have gone from 'teens to over 60 a week!? Woah.


I don't see that it can be true personally, journalistic speculation because it would fit his idea of a "clever" comparison.


I think he'll be on £40/45k max.

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75k would make him our highest earner with Baines. Two wing backs highest earners at the club.


Can't imagine what others will demand once it comes round to contract renewals.


Lukaku sees that he's going to want 100k easily. Mirallas will want on par or more.

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