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im called THE MAD MONKEYS FC :) ive got a great defence, good keepers, not too bad upfront but a weakish midfeild but its not that bad :)


if anyone would like to join my league your welcome to it, im hopein to get me mates in it but if i dont think there is enough people im going to close it down the password to it is 38505-9829 its called the football factory

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Do you only get points from your startin line up or do subs count ?




your subs only get you points when ur first team dont play, u have them in an order so say a mid doesnt play, a defender, mid or forward coems in to repalce him



my strikeforce is shevchenko and berbatov

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final standings are in ... it's been fun we shall have to do it again next year



1 AFC Jizz Mike Guy 1865

2 The Wah-wahs Jason Chau 1839

3 BlueMike mike oldfield 1798

4 Scouse FC Bren Heyes 1747

5 Webstar Athletic john webb 1744

6 *EFC FOREVER* Adam Lawrence 1742

7 Sutton Park FC Ian Watts 1570

8 StevO's BluE's Ste Bracken 1559

9 St. Dunstans United Ian Dunstan 1554

10 The Mad Monkeys FC aj rogers 1552

11 Spuddies Blues Jon McGuinness 1372

12 Bluetrip scott cooney 1313


feels good to win :D

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