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Renaming Streets

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ive heard that places in liverpool best example penny lane might be changed as it reflects on the slave trade.


do you think it is right.



i dont think it is mainly because


1) not everyone knows the streets reflect on the trade

2)its history of liverpool. the slave trade put liverpool on the map. getting rid of slave name streets is like renaming auchwitz because it was a site of brutal horror

3) how many people in liverpool would be offended by penny lane

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personally I think it is a disgrace and I agree, it is politcal correctness gone mad.


The slave trade is a horrible thing. But that said, Liverpool was built on the foundations of this trade, along the banks of the Mersey.


Regardless of whether we change the name of any roads, streets or avenues, nothing is going to change the history. I heard a debate on Radio Merseyside's Roger Philips phone in this afternoon, which said that changing the names can be looked upon as a covering up exercise. The argument being that following Hitlers rule, many German places had their names changed, as well as the history books in Germany being re-written. This did absolutely nothing for the attitudes or future of the country...in fact, it hindered them. Some of the youth grew up knowing very little about Hitlers reign and it because an underground following, which stemmed into neo-nazism.


We should have a permanent memorial for those who passed through Liverpool as part of the slave trade, not cover the issue up.

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Im often caught @ Traffic lights on an intersection that has " Coon St" run through it.


I sit looking @ the sign thhinking wow surely not.


Since have learnt that it was named after a local pioneer & Coon was actually his surname.


However, the word it's self ( I dont like using it as was/ is a derogatary term in my own vocabulary) has a completely diff cultural meaning over here espec in the sense of cult literacy & projected meaning etc.


This street naming issue reeeks of PC madness.


Off track a tad but still, My girl's family have a beachside property @ a place called Boyne Island-Tannum Sands on Qld's Central coast. ( we get up there as ofta s poss- as Ya would..!!!)


Anyhows, the local red tape artists decided the name should be adressed as for future growth etc etc...blah blah...


so they spent $750,000 on a feasibility study for a new name.


750 k & 3 mnths later they came up with Boyne-Tannum ( from Boyne Island-Tannum Sands)


The worlds goin mad...!!!

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thats another good issue to raise IMO.


Think about the proposals that Liverpool City Council have put forward in the last 5 years, leading upto the European Capital of Cultyre bid. Before I go into this, I fully support the title of European Capital of Culture, and I think that city of Liverpool is more than apt.


However, we had plans for the 'Fourth Grace' which was shelved...


We had plans for the trams....which was shelved...


We had plans for a Mersey Barrier, which would generate enough power from the Mersey tides to power the city centre...again...shelved...and,


We had plans for the highest residencial apartments in European...guess what...shelved...


I can not help but think that Liverpool City Council may be running these plans through consultancy agents/companies, possibly at times of local bi-elections? I know, a sweeping statement, but you dont tend to hear of such grand plans being shelved in other similar cities such as Manchester.


It seems the powers that be raise issues, hold debate, have consultancy agenies/companies step in, then forget about it - like its just a exercise,or maybe a personal money making exercise...?

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Bristol was similarly built on the slave trade and has street names such as Whiteladies Road and Blackboy Hill. Not local to Bristol so don't know if there's been any move to change them...not heard anything, but to suggest that Penny Lane conjures images of the slave trade is completely absurd. If there was a place called, for example, ni**er street then there's a strong case to change but otherwise it's just daft.


And in line with what Andy said there'd probably need to be focus groups and endless consultations costing a fortune before anything happened anyway!

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well aparently, a liberal democrats meeting held at the town hall last night voted to reject the road naming proposals.


All but one councillor, the one who proposed it, voted against this ridiculous idea...thankfully!



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