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Useful sports information links

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No streaming links please. This is a thread for info regarding rules, TV coverage, etc. for sports info. Not a place for debate, just the link please!



Shows on which TV channel nearly all the European games are being shown on



General rules about the game from the BBC site



General rules about the game from the FA



General rules about the game from FIFA

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I was about 70 per cent sure this wouldn't degenerate into nonsense


Matthew not pleased so maybe we can get back to the subject in hand that were sports links.


But to the initial starter, wouldn't most people be aware of the rules of the game anyway and I'm not really in need of soccer statistics either. Just warranted a mention

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Not bothered about it descending in to jokes! Im usually the one to blame. The idea of the thread was to create a database (for want of a better word) of links so that, in case someone is interested, they can go look up the more bizarre rules. Even as a life long fan of the game, I dont know the ins and outs.


It didnt really warrant a mention, did it?

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Don't think many do. What's more worrying is that the letter of the law is constantly being debated and when followed correctly, is mostly branded as 'dubious', 'incorrect' or 'ridiculous'. Last night being a great point in case, letter of the law says Raphael walks, 90% of the population disagree.


So is it interpretation or letter of the law?

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Might be worth investing in

quality of this thing is amazing, but you're not guaranteed to get the Everton game. Watching the full replay of the WBA game in HD, it really is impressive streaming. Commentary is in German (not a problem for me) but that might be a Swiss location thing. Will give a feedback after one of the live games today but so far I'm very impressed and for £120 a year, looks a bargain


edit: its got it's issues, like every streaming site does, but it's excellent quality when it works. True HD. That said, still not reliable to have our games live, seems they're limited to 4-5 live games but you can rewatch the game the next day without issue

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