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Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

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On 09/06/2020 at 01:18, AlbanyNYToffee said:

Totally understand that perspective but what is the solution? Why would a huge international brand want to spend 10m a year on Everton kit? They could headline a pro golf tournament or F1 race for that kind of money and get 10x the return on their investment they would from us. Our place in the table is in direct correlation to the brands we are able to attract. 

Also I wouldn't say the top 6 have these super attractive names on their shirts: Utd/City/Arsenal are huge brands sure, Spurs/Liverpool are financial services (had to google as the states are totally unfamiliar with AIA and StandardChartered), Chelsea is yokohama tyres. 

I'm not being a wise guy, can you name a few companies/brands you would like to see?

Long delay!

What about Salesforce, JD.com, LG... All hypothetical I know but aspirations about global exposure are gaining momentum. 

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12 hours ago, Romey 1878 said:

Bit of a patronising article imo. I really hope we beat Liverpool, I don't care how, just beat them. Then the patronising will be a little less. 

I want to keep our progress under the radar, let the "Big Six" keep making the headlines, we can just keep improving and winning. 


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