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Found this on a forum, very true...




Stop The Toadying To Brazil's 'Samba Stars'


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Watching Brazil is a nightmare.


It's almost unbearable. Apart from having a side full of clock-stopping uglies and chubbsters, every time they're on TV, the commentators are so bloody fawning about them I actually find myself wanting them to get beaten just to stick it to the stupid commentators.


It started with that apotheosis of all childish, mindless commentating, John Motson with his, "Do Brazil do corners?" rubbish and all the other 'everything they do is magic', bullshit. It went on for an hour and a half. He couldn't seem to stop himself.


However, as is often the case with Brazil, the slavering was completely misplaced. Against Croatia they were lacklustre and yet still the paean to their brilliance was continued in direct contradiction to the evidence of our own eyes.


It's as if he sees Brazil as a higher-evolved life form. When Kaka scored from the edge of the box, it was a great goal, no doubt about that, but Motson's reaction was one of such disbelief that you'd think no-one in the history of football had ever done this. It was as though Kaka had started to fly around the pitch, dropping golden eggs out of his arse while juggling a football on his tongue.


I really loathe it and it spoils my enjoyment of watching Brazil.


Motson's performance though, as childish and pathetic as it was, was equalled in sheer brown-nosing toady-isms by Steve Wilson when they played Japan. It was just one long w**k. When they went 2-1 up he said, "Is it now going to be exhibition time from the exhibitionists?" followed by the utterly cringe-making, "Stay with us to watch the samba dancers dance", and worse still: "Everyone wants to see a show from Brazil, even the Japanese." No. They. F***ing. Don't.


It's an absolute insult to every team Brazil play that they're portrayed as the support act to the main show, so much so, according to Wilson, that even their own fans want their team to be beaten. And it's made even worse by the fact that Brazil haven't played especially well yet.


During the Japan game, a bit of neat interplay by Robinho brought Wilson to his knees in supplication. "Oh he's a superstar" he creams. He'd only passed it short for a one-two. It was neat but you know, I've seen a one-two before. He's okay, but I trust Martin O'Neill's opinion of him, "He's never quite convinced me", and his manager too probably, which is why he doesn't start in front of the giant slug that is masquerading at Adriano.


Why do commentators behave so cravenly to Brazil? Yes, Brazil have skill. They're good, but they don't possess talent we've not seen before. They're not unique. Other people can score long-distance strikes, dribble the ball and pass it to their teammates. I just want them treated the same as everyone else.


But Wilson is in full brown-nose mode now, it's like it's some sort of gag reflex that he can't help. As Ronnie Deano breaks out of defence, he says, " ...past one.." as though anticipating he'll run the length of the pitch...but in fact he beats no-one else and he kicks it into touch accidentally instead. As if to deliberately make a fool out of this stupid commentary.


When Japan actually have the temerity to score and go one up - as if by way of explanation of this interruption in the natural order - Wilson says, "They do let you have the ball", as though this in itself was an act of generosity by Brazil and a further sign of their greatness.


Peter Drury was all set to do the exact same thing when they played Ghana. "The word Brazil means everything you desire from a football match," he profoundly states. Does it Pete? Really? Thanks for letting me know what I think.


Whether we like them or not it's the very assumption that somehow they're this team of football gods that we must worship that I object to.


And how about this Druryism as they walk out of the tunnel: "...the mightiest and the humblest". How patronising is that to Ghana? Have you seen Muntari play? That man is not humble and neither are the Black Stars. And are Brazil really the mightiest? In sheer physical bulk perhaps. But they, like every other team, has to prove themselves at each tournament and Brazil, if you've watched them, are not especially brilliant.


Some of their players are average. Their central defenders, especially Juan, are stinkers. Is he included in the hero worship?


A ball is played wide to Cafu and Cafu tries to bring it down....as he does so Drury is already saying, "What about that for a take!", but sadly he does this too early because Cafu doesn't control it at all and it bounces 20 yards away off his foot. The Brazil worship has gotten so bad that they're not just exaggerating their brilliance, they're seeing things they are not even doing; commentating on what is not happening.


Even the most basic of moves are "beautifully worked" - every man who takes a free-kick is "a specialist", any of them that run with the ball are "turning on the magic/style/wizardry", a little pass prompts the "oh, beautiful" exclamation.


But then Ghana actually start playing well and get in on several occasions and after a while Drury has to start rowing back a bit, patronisingly telling us, "If you tuned in, and I'm sure you did, to see Brazil entertain you...you might want to revise your opinion."


Where do you start with a line like that? I had tuned in to see Ghana beat them. I'm sure a lot of people had. I don't define all my football enjoyment by what Brazil do. He and his ilk are treating them like they're the Harlem Globetrotters.


Because Ghana play well, after half an hour of attacking Brazil, to give Drury some credit, he tempers some of his worst excesses, which is more than Motson ever does. Later he says, "It's a flat display". In the face of a very ordinary Brazil performance, it would have been total delusion to say otherwise. Their fans are booing and whistling them.


I could go on and on about this. Ironically, the pro-Brazil toadying which blesses every flick or trick they do with the exclamation "brilliant" or every accurately-played pass with, "they're turning on the style now!" actually patronises them as well, as it makes it appear it's no effort to them. The Ghana game showed they're far from perfect. They're eminently beatable in fact. And they don't really entertain with 90 minutes of 'samba football', whatever the feck samba football is.


The lack of some commentators' objectivity about Brazil should be called for what it is - sheer unprofessionalism. We deserve better.

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I feel exactly the same way about the English press, especially the tabloids before and during a major tournament. They treat the public as comple idiots overhyping England to be something they're not. When we fail out come all the old cliches and the blame game starts.

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That by definition is what the press do, it's their Raison d'etre.


Personally, I feel I can make up my own mind about a team or player, and don't need some half p*ssed hack to tell me what to think.






Is it? What about professional journalism based on reality. I stopped buying a paper over the tournament because of the daily bullshit fantasy being peddled on the back pages. The worst part is you see people regurgitating this shyte they read down the pub, in forums etc.

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Is it? What about professional journalism based on reality. I stopped buying a paper over the tournament because of the daily bullshit fantasy being peddled on the back pages.  The worst part is you see people regurgitating this shyte they read down the pub, in forums etc.


:( thats what sells papers lads, people will swollow shite and they know it ;)

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