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Nice Vid

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So do you reckon we probably wouldnt even be in existence now if we had have gone down?  :blink:



No mate we would proberbly have done a Man City and gone down at least 2 devisions and then been bought out and hopefully saved. Its not easy to get back once you have gone off the boil tho and what City did is was close to a miracle!

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Shame the vid gave away the score at the beginning, spoilt the end a bit for me :( .


Seriously for once though, it was an incredible day, truly terrifying but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Went out and bought a stripy away shirt on the final whistle, I had sworn to buy it if we were relegated but I bought it anyway. It was also at a really low point in my life so god I'm grateful to all of them...even Jigsaw :lol: . Watched the whole game a couple of weeks back with Josh..still not sure how we won, especially with the run the Dons were on at the time!

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I honestly dont no but love a good conspiracy story & there were rumours, rolled eyes & speculation regarding this match.


We will in all likely hood never no & it is set to become one of the more rarely mentioned infamous pieces of Everton folk law.


Seger's coming unstuck & getting busted a cple of years later only added fuel to the fire & gave the theorists further serious food for thought .


Gota love our History, a bit of everyhting.

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ive never seen that match before but that musta been hard on the players going 2-0 down a pen given away and a o.g. and yet still win and save Everton, them men deserve to be knighted


:D on that day so do the fans ;) we were amazing, shear pain :o then pure joy B)

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at that time i was playing around as a happy 4 year old in ross-on-wye. oblivious to the fact that we made the greatest come back ever in premiership history.


how i would never want to experience things like that in my lifetime



Looking at the players it was small wonder we were so sh1te.


Never again

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What a screamer from Horninho. Even with the Park End being built at the time which didnt help in the first half, it's one of the best atmospheres I've seen at a footy match. It wasn't till we were shooting towards the Gladwys Street in the second half we started to play. That was bigger than winning the league or European cup. Best and worst game of my life, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up watching it again, thanks.

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