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thanx to every1 whos visited me site keep goin on it coz al try get more pics an stuff an if any1 can help with pics or anythin that can go on it id b greatfull a dnt know if any1 goes on msn ere like but anyways me addy is mickcallaway@yahoo.co.uk an send me emails an all da given help


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alryte everyone i have made a piczo website all about Everton jus wondering if you would all go on it an have a little look am only 16 and i know im not a future web designer lol but at least have a look plz  www.itsagrandoldteamtoplayfor.piczo.com


:D not bad that ;) thanks mate :D

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Brilliant mate, been laughing for the last five minutes at the shout page, i get some great ones from my seat in the lower gwladys, theres one hardcore fan who always gets the lads laughing.


Probably told use before but this fella use to love Ferguson, not just liked him ADORED him. Anyway everyweek no matter if Duncan was suspended or injured the fella use to come out with 'get duncan on' when things got a bit heated. The funniest was when he came on as a sub, as he comes by the goal for a corner for us the fella shouts DUNCAN! Someone near us shouts back 'what'? Straight away the fella shouts 'I FUCKIN LOVE YA' Laughed me head off.

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