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Shouts From The Game


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ok i this has been done awhile ago and i have just seen it again on callaways site


just thought see what everyone else had and callaway could poss use some




sitting in the lower bullens at the villa game and a announcement comes over the antanoy about 15 mins to half time (villa are 2 nil down at this point if i remember correctly we were winning anyway) "we would like to apologise to the away fans and the programmes will be on sale at half time" at this the villa fans stand up and go through various songs like "stick your programmes up your arse" "we want our programmes we want are programmes we want our programmes we want our programmes" didn't know they had a funny bone in them (only joking)


at the same game there was a delay in play and the linesman starts to do warm ups running on the spot and star jumps at this directly on line with the assistant refree this huge bloke on the end of the row jumps out his seat and starts to copy him shouting i can do it better than you (hilarious)

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