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Untd Go For Defoe

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Guest blueboy122

r the fuck sellin van for 15 million were u read that thats bollocks mate no1 on this earth wud pay that for a 30 year old horse!.they might be lucky to get 12 milion!!

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He wouldnt be the ideal player for rooney to play with either, like Rooney plays off the striker and needs someone to hold the ball up and pass it, now defoe isnt strong and big so couldnt do that as well as others and is also very greedy

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IMO i dont think that move will pay off for Manure, there is no way Torres will get the amount of goals that RVN did


:D you have hit the nail on the head mark, lets hope rvn knocks untd out of the champs leauge next season :lol::lol: ad love it B)

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Defoe is a good player if played in a team using tactics suitable to him. He isnt a team player (likes to keep his head down)but neither was Nistelrooy.


Torres snubbing ManUSA is good for the game. Good player values.


:blink: no ithink its because untd are a spent force xavier ;) plus look how the manager treats his players, would you want to go their :blink:

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I certaintly wouldnt! wouldnt want a boot chucked at me!

MAN UTD despratly need to mkae some signings if there looking to challenge for the title, but i dnt think defoe is good enough


:lol: he is for them :lol:;)

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