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Know anything about cars except their colour

Understand a film plot

Go 24 hours without sending a text message

Lift things

Throw things


Park a car properly

Fart properly

Read a map

Rob a bank

Resist Ikea

Sit still

Tell a joke

Play pool

Pay for a meal

Eat a kebab whilst walking

Pee out of a train window

Argue without shouting

Get told off without crying

Understand fruit machines

Walk past a shoe shop

Make a decent bacon butty

Not comment on other peoples clothes

Use small amounts of loo paper

Let you sleep when you have a hangover

Drink a pint gracefully

Get a round in

Throw a punch

Do magic

Like your friends

Enjoy……….. anything really

Eat a really hot curry

Get to the point

Buy plain envelopes

Take less than 20 minutes in the bathroom

Sit in a room for more than 5 minutes without saying I’m cold / hot

Avoid using credit cards

Dive into a pool

Assemble furniture

Roll a bogey between finger and thumb

Set a video/dvd recorder

Not try and change you

Watch a good war film

Understand why flirting ends in violence

Spend a whole day by themselves

Go to the toilet by themselves

Buy a purse that fits in their pocket

Choose a video quickly

Admit they were wrong

Get this far without arguing with at least one of the above !

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