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Hey Big Spender!

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kenwright hasnt got loot, he is poor in football terms, he hasnt paid back what he lent for his shares yet!


and we havent spent much yet, its all in installments, and based on appearances. we've probably not handed over a penny yet. at the most we will have spent £3m

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I dont know whats going on but theyre going to have to tell the fans soon cos it looks a bit suspicious to me.  I mean if someones giving us all this money theyre going to want something back in return surely


:D think this is all down to keith wyness ;) seems to have sorted the clubs finances out B) long may this continue ;)

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Guest blueboy122

yer i heard that in the gosip colum i agree wit efcfan2007.i dnt paticulary want emerton.is he any good?wud u rather have barton for 3 million?





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