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Do Chelski Know Something We Don't?

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I know a lot of it is tabloid talk, but they seem to be buying players for fun. Duff has been offered an extention to his contract, and he is obviously surpluss to requirements


I have a theory, that FIFA might be about to change the 10 out field player rule to 14 and Chelski have jumped on the bandwagon first. They have a squad of such quality they could field two separate teams both capable of doing well in the Prem.


We on the other hand have a squad that includes 19 (19,FFS) out field players.


any thoughts?.





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I suppose in a way I used a flipant question to point out something that concerns me, and that is our strength in depth to carry out a protracted Prem campaign, with hopefully a good cup run or two (the league cup is only mickey mouse when you don't win it I'VE NOTICED).


It's great that we have done as well as we have in the transfer market and I'm sure we are all happy with the positive moves to bring in quality, let's have a look at our young players and perhaps impliment some sort of "fast-track" system.


Just the ramblings of an old fart.





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