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Moyes Admits Naysmith Intrest

Guest blueboy122

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Good news, I am suprised we are getting any money for him TBH. Very average player, never really shon (cant remember how to spell that word at al :mellow: ) and would be pleased for him to go.


Good luck to the lad :)


Mark, whoes the cover? I can only think of neville who can back up valente and even hes not a proper left back.

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If sellin means bringing in & we are ok in that dept I wouldnt have a prob.


Am not the worlds biggest Naysmith fan, though We need bodies as last seasons debacle should remind us.


There were times a few of us looked like getting a run. due to a shrunk squad via injury etc.

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If Naysmith goes then there is a party at my house and everyones invited....best news I've heard all year!


Get rid - give him away if you can - I feel bad that WE are going to get money for him - I feel as though I am ripping somebody off.


Anyhows - get fucking shut. Worst left back, apart from Pistone, I have ever seen.


Shocking... :blink:

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:lol:   :lol:   :lol:


ahem i mean yes, yipee :D



Im in full agreement with you there Ian (the laughter i mean not the YIPEE!!!!). We can play Neville there if need be, and in sure we can find summat for Pisstone to do maybe he could be the matchday announcer for Radio City???? :rolleyes:

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