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Robert Green And Dean Ashton

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DEFFO NIEMI UNTIL YOUNGSTERS PUSH HIM OUT. Could be straight swop with Teflon.


Not sure now about Ashton, price has gone silly, have seen  7m quoted !!

and not sure whether he and Beatts could play together.(TOO SIMILAR)


agree there licker, we need to get shut of teflon and its an ideal way...niemi is only 26 isnt he so i heard

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i would still love to see green looked really good even though norwich and why not have 3 good young keepers i'd love 2 or 3 good players who could play in each position


no to ashton to much like BT would rather see andy Johnson from championship rather than ashton as AJ is more direct and likes to run at defences

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green reminds me of richard wright too much, i think he will be a dodgy keeper for his whole career. would much ratehr have niemi who always looks solid.

as said with ashton, he is the big man of 2 strikers and we already have that in beats and dunc. robbie keane (fingers crossed) would be a much much better bet.

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Agree with all the shouts for keane but with bent possible going and big dunc in his last year i think ashton could do a job for Everton over the coming years although would quiet happily see aj or nugent come in as well. Don't forget Vaughn is a pacy striker if we got keane and ashton that would really give us a chance to mix it up with bt and vaughn

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