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Well Guys Im Off


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hi guys and gals im back. its been a good holiday and ive enjoyed it.


i missed the celtic game but i saw the celtic v manu game :(



on the holiday i went punting in cambridge, seeing friends bedford and family in salisbury. and i went up the only wind turbine in the world which the public are allowed to go in

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I'm off in a couple of hours :D , flying off for some medditeran..meditte..medita..er to the seaside. Back a couple of days before the big kick off...keep an eye on Claire and the fish...maybe Claire should be promoted to mod so they can stay on the protected forum :lol: don't want any little cyber accidents :rolleyes: see y'all soon.

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Have a good holiday mate and enjoy the sun. I fly out in 5 weeks and can't wait for some sun, beer and sleep.


As I said to Bluenose, hurry back as means mine will be nearer



Only 2 weeks to my hols, YIPPEE, so youll be going when I get back

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Be a rebel Mac and dont do the jobs, face the consequences when she gets back  :P



Only a foolish man would go against that wife of mine Mark.


Besides, I like having my testicles where they belong, in Tara's purse along with my self respect and dignity. :D





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Me too  :(


Dont worry tho just go up in the loft and see what you can find in the new house, its amazing what people leave in their lofts when they move house.



i was in my loft today sorting things out :) found a few things that i forgot about :) but when i move house i'll look about in the loft :) were you movin to? im moving out of liverpool to skem :(

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^ I'm moving into my mums old house where i grew up.


It's strange i always said i'd never live on that estate because id was so small and quiet but now i'm getting a 3 bedroom house with front and back gardens and grass verges outside for a snip of the rent i'm currently paying.


Throw in that my mum recently fitted a brand new kitchen and i'm getting a bargain. The downside was i had to help decorate my mums new house, I say help but in reality apart from plastering and the building of a stud wall me and my kid bro have done most of the work.


The big move is this weekend and then i have a week of work to sort my stuff out and get some hard earned downtime :D

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