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Everton V Columbus Crew


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Heard on a forum its live on ESPN.


Does anyone no wether this channel is on sky? I no ESPN2 classics is on sky but i cnt find ESPN2. If anyone noes wat sky channel number it is on can you please post it. Anyway its live on ESPN2 ;)

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I wasnt saying you were a muppet because you're never encouraged.


Im a bit concerned aswell that we played poorly against Celtic and Man U's more or less youth side hammered them, but weve got plenty of time to rectify it. Pre season doesnt mean anything really, some teams have shite pre seasons and then go on to get into Europe. So dont fret.

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^ im cool with that, that was my thoughts too, but its still worrying, i know it doesnt matter really, but i think it just outlines the fact that we could do with improving in the midfield area, and from what ive seen from buckley, whether it be upfrotn or left, he may be able to help out a bit

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