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Is It True?

Romey 1878

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Australia has strict laws about drinking alcohol and driving. Australian Police are authorised to stop any vehicle and breath test the driver at any time. There is no absolute safe level of alcohol consumption for competent driving. For fully licensed car drivers the legal limit is 0.05 g/100ml. For special licence categories the legal limit is 0.02 (which in practice means no alcohol at all). Learner, P1 and P2 drivers or riders must not exceed zero blood alcohol. If tested by the Police, drivers must be below their allowable legal limit.


If you are going to drink any alcohol the best advice is to plan not to drive at all. Guides are available for drinking very moderate quantities of alcohol over time and remaining below the 0.05 legal BAC level (for fully licensed car drivers) but because everybody's metabolism differs the effects of alcohol will not be the same in every case.


The police perform regular roadside "random breath testing" (RBT) of drivers in metropolitan and rural areas. There are heavy penalties for drink driving, including imprisonment

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They have an advertising slogan down under I like very much.... "DRINK DRIVE YOUR A BLOOODY IDIOT".


Though it is .05 & you can get away with a cple, or a beer or so an hour to stay under. ( depending on indiv).


But you will & I repeat Will be caught over here, the Fed's are all over it like a swarm


Ive been Bagged ( breath tested) @ Midday, late arfternoon, Midinght & even eight o'clock in the morn.

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