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Anyone Been Arrested?


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i did today :( was messin about on a worksite and got into a empty house with me mates, when leaving there was the police so i run i got away but once i got home i was taken straight to the police station were i was formally arrested, i on got a "slap on the wrist" but ino never to break the law again coz those cells scared the fuck out of me :( just wonderin if any of yous have been arrested if ya ave wa 4 if ya dnt mind me askin :)

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I'v spent a few nights in the cells when i was younger but i did have to sleep through us getting hammered in the cup replay at Chel$ki last season after consuming about 10 bottles of bud too much on the way down!


Drunk and disorderly! Did me a favour the way we fookin played ;)

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Yeah! Get to repost my "being arrested" story (no yawning at the back please)....


A couple of years back...just outside my house, got stopped for a noisy exhaust. The policeman got on the radio to check my licence, suddenly started to look nervously at me and then told me to put my hands on my head. TWO backup vehicles arrived in minutes..one van and another car...they arrested me and put me in the back of the van (bear in mind this all took place outside my house which is at the end of a cul-de-sac and overlooked by about ten neighbours) and drove me off to the cells. It was only when the custody sergeant asked to see my tattoos to confirm my identity that I got released...because I don't have any. Someone in Norwich, of all places, had apparently stolen my identity, or at least part of it.

The upside of this incident is that I have a story to tell my grandkids (this was a much shortened version) and the neighbours don't piss with me :lol: .

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Even worse did two stints of local nick in the Army, both of them for being a c*nt.








Same with me Mac, but i was young and foolish in those days, I thought i could take on the world and beat them.

It learnt me a few things, so ive kept my head above water since arriving back in Civvy street. :rolleyes:



PS.....................MIKE, heard it before but its still a crackin story, great stuff. :lol:

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Serial offender in my youth, basically same story as many above, young, booze, sleep it off.


Although I did get arested when I was about 21 with my brother for (cant remember the actual charge) basically we had some undesirable neighbours, who where making the square we lived in hell by terrorising people, then then picked on my mother one day when she was coming home.


Anyway someone decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget and me and my bro where arrested following the incident, but let off for mistaken identity.


If I ever meet the guys who did it, i'll shake them by the hand

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