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England Quiz


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A colleague asked me to do a football round for a quiz he does so here it is for all on here too. Enjoy!



1. Who became only the 2nd player to be sent off in a friendly for England against Ecuador in June 2014?


Sterling (Tonka)


2. Wayne Rooney is now England's 3rd all-time top scorer but who are the 2 players still to catch?


Lineker and Charlton (Mike)


3. Who is England's most capped outfield player?


Beckham (Mike)


4. Geoff Hurst famously scored a hat-trick as England lifted the World Cup in 1966 but who scored the other England goal?


Peters (Mike)


5. What is the nickname of the England ladies National team?


3 Lionesses (marco)


6. Only 2 players have been sent off twice whilst playing for England, who are they?


Beckham (Mike) and Rooney (marco)


7. Who was England's youngest ever captain at the age of 22 years and 47 days?


Moore (Mike)


8. Which club has provided the most England internationals with a total of 73?


Villa (Mogsy)


9. Bill Jones earned 2 caps for England in 1950. His grandson later earned 8 caps between 1992-95. Who is his grandson?


Rob Jones (Mike)


10. Which English, former Premiership, player has scored the most goals without winning an international cap?


Super Kev (marco)

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