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Silly Season!

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Get the Helmets back on lads here we go the papers are taking aim and firing at random


we have had low couple of weeks in gossip but it looks like we are starting to appear again


a couple of dodgy sites saying liam miller of utd, emerton simic etc etc etc etc


seems we are starting to get the shots fired back at us again


this could be a bumpy one.


so out of the latest 20 or so rumours realistically!!!!!!!!!!! who can we be seen at getting to increase the sqaud


with Carsley more likely on the move naysmith rumours banded about should free up a little moving in the market


Buckley more than likely filling the midfield gap (not a like for like swap but mid for mid in the squad No's)


rumours are wayne bridge is on the move should be a great left filler for a couple of mil


liam miller for a mil i'm not sure he's flopped at man utd but fergie must see something and he's been playing him a bit in the friendlies


simic not to sure on think the defence has itself sorted


kevin mcdonald good to see were looking at the younger players still but forwards are sorted


THE grav rumour will never go away although still undecided myself


Giles barnes unknown to mayself but suppose to have great potential


the lsit can go on and on so realistically who do you think?

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Barnes scored in Deby's last friendly, would love to have him and maybe loan him back to Derby because they'll play him week in week out.


Im hoping for transfer activity with us tbh, its been so boring being an Evertonian over the last few weeks. Aslong as were bringing in good players and replacing players who may leave im not too bothered who comes in, Moyes knows what hes doing.

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